What are the purification methods of olivine?

In gems, the production of olivine is relatively high, and it is not a very precious gem. But for those who love it, even if the value of olivine is not high, we should treat it with care, so that the olivine will always emit the most beautiful luster. Therefore, olivine must be cleaned regularly, so what are the purification methods of olivine?

1. Low-temperature cleaning method: Wrap the peridot with a cloth bag, then place it on the frozen layer of the refrigerator overnight, take out the olivine the next day, and then expose it to the sun for two or three hours. It can purify olivine and also add energy to it. However, the use of this method requires attention not to be exposed to strong light, preferably in the morning when the sun is mild.

2, the use of aroma can also purify the olivine. We first placed the olivine in a sealed box and placed the right amount of incense in the box to accompany the olivine. Wait until the night has passed and take out the olivine.

3, the use of ultraviolet light in the sun can also purify the olivine, as long as the olivine in the sun for four or five hours to purify the olivine, while the olivine will also gain the energy of the sun, making it more powerful .

The above small series introduces several methods for purifying olivine. The purification of olivine is a very necessary thing, so I hope my friends don't be lazy. Because of the long-term wear of olivine, the dead skin tissue of the human body will breed bacteria because of its long-term existence. If these bacteria are not cleaned in time, the wearer will get skin disease and even develop skin cancer, so many people think that The peridot is not washed for a long time, and the spirituality will be stronger. In fact, these cognitions are wrong. Therefore, friends should have a good understanding of the purification methods of olivine introduced in the above small series!

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