Different black coat with a long paragraph dress with a small cardigan

Gradually cool autumn, there will be a variety of different styles. Black and white women's brand of classic minimalist black and white, extending a variety of dark colors, but presented a variety of unique charm of a single product. Black jacket, but also take the pondering pattern. Vintage skirt, full of British style. In the new era of women's interpretation, do not have a tone.

黑与白 B&W

Black and white women's brand emphasizes not only urban women's fashion appeal, pay more attention to the comfort of the fabric. High-grade high-quality fabrics, coupled with sophisticated splicing technology, given the two sets of clothing exquisite Ya Yun. Black and camel skirts, 尽显 female high grade. Printed shirt and black pants supporting, is also handsome and modern.

黑色外套的不同搭法 长款连衣裙搭配小开衫

White tank top with a slim pants, classic and classic at the same time, but the influx of people is different, with a sleeveless blue shirt, highlighting the full style of England. Next to the cardigan with a dress, a quiet and elegant image of the woman is indeed full of charm.

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