Countdown to children's clothing feast, Zhuowei Le invites you to admire

From August 23 to August 25, 2014, Sogni Kids Kids' Spring & Summer 2015 New Orders will be held soon. A special children's clothing feast has now entered the countdown! Zhuowei Le children's clothing this event, after all Zhuowei my colleagues in the joint efforts, well-layout, has been organized into the final preparation stage, I believe that with the launch of the new curtain opened, the majority of dealers will see Zhuowei Full of passionate people, careful and meticulous service for each and every guest! Zhuowei designers through hard work, carefully designed 2015 fashion novel spring and summer new products will also be displayed one by one in front of everyone, to bring guests a color vision to enjoy the impact of the perception! Into 2014, the development of children's wear Zhuo Weir the momentum of the rapid rise of the market, overwhelming, frequently reported throughout the country, join the franchisee in an endless stream, has become the industry's most competitive children's wear brand! 2015 spring and summer new order fair, is a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of Zhuowei Lok children's clothing, the country's rivers and lakes, all corners of the world Zhuowei partners gathered together to share children's clothing feast, compose business blueprint! "Joy Road • Zhiyuan" --2015 Zhuowei Le spring and summer children's clothing orders will enter the countdown, welcome to each of the most honorable guests Zhuowei, let us share the event, and seek common development!

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