Wine red pants with what shirt Korean vest with

Wine Red A little darker than the red color, but it is the most favorite autumn and winter colors, in addition to the red wine about the people who choose the most up, the blue elephant children's wear red pants, Korean vest with wine red pants, Korean fashion dress up autumn and winter fashion together. We are always in the pursuit of fashion sense, and fashion is essential for adults, and now parents are the trend of 80.90 after the parents, the children choose the clothing is also very stylish, so with the current Korean children's clothing brand , The Korean version of the design so that children's dress more trendy sense. Wine red pants, I think in the autumn and winter seasons should be the most dazzling, without the candy-colored pants embellishment, burgundy enough, coupled with a down coat vest take gray T-shirt, lovely puppy pattern embellishment, that Showing a playful side with a very sense of hierarchy.

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