Chanel "The Sense of Places" exhibition event at Korea Chanel Cultural Exhibition

Recently, Quan Zhilong G-Dragon, Cui Siyuan, Kim Love, Zheng Liyuan and Japanese actress Yukiko attended the opening of the Chanel “The Sense of Places” exhibition.

In order to analyze the origins of inspiration for Ms. Coco Chanel, Chanel organized the Chanel “The Sense of Places” exhibition in South Korea to the end of October. Through her 10 secret base scenes, she led people through her life history. Learn how these places influence Coco Chanel and become her avant-garde design style vocabulary. A total of more than 500 works were exhibited, including photographs, books, objects, manuscripts and documents, as well as fashion, jewelry, watches and perfume creations. They invited people to review the life trajectory of Coco Chanel.

A few days ago, the opening event attracted many celebrities, including actress Kim Chong, Zheng Liyuan, actor Quan Zhilong G-Dragon, Zheng Yusheng, Cui Siyuan and others. The Japanese actress water source Xi Zi also specially attended the exhibition. The brand is also special. Director Kook Hyun CHUNG, director of Dongdaemun, Jean-Louis Froment, curator of Cultural Chanel, Claus Oldager, president of Asia Pacific, and Robert Stavrides, president of South Korea, attended the event.

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