What to wear for school? Zhuowei Le children's wear carefully recommended the latest fashionable clothing

Another year in September autumn start, the new semester, how children should wear to highlight the fashionable yet another season? Now, look Zhuowei Le children's clothing for moms and kids are keen to recommend it! This section of the jacket collar, cuffs and hem plait design, and the use of red color, sweet and playful and fresh fashion, imitation leather fabric, high density windbreak good enough to warm and care for children in the cold season, loose Comfortable version of the type, free, so baby wearing no sense of restraint, three-dimensional shoulder fold design, elegant and charming, beautiful little girl but it has no resistance Oh, simple with jeans, princess shoes, sweetness is extremely high Full of trendy flavor of the overall layout design and unique sewing process, so that the entire tooling jacket more stylish, full of vitality, hooded design, more casual fashion style. Use of natural, comfortable, soft fabrics, contact with children's delicate skin without any stimulation, bring unparalleled wear for children to enjoy the beautiful childhood. Comfortable and relaxed version, so that children can move freely. Hooded black and white stripes appear inside, so that children put it down, smart mother is not to be missed a good product!

Furniture Non-Woven Fabric is now widely should be in a sofa furniture factory of a non-woven fabric, pattern of customer needs, various specifications and requirements are not quite the same.Furniture non-woven fabric generally has a certain function, similar to the attached to the bottom of the non-woven fabric, gram weight requirements of about 80g, a certain wear resistance, some manufacturers will also use Flame Retardant Non-Woven Fabric attached to the bottom, used to improve the safety factor.There is also the dustproof layer, the use of furniture factories is also more and more, the requirements are more and more high.

Non-woven Fabric For Furniture

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