Chiffon fabric style dress fabric what

How much do you know the fabric, the little girl's dress what fabric is better, children's fashion children's clothing lightweight chiffon dress, the trend of comfortable cotton and linen dress, two kinds of fabric dress style to see what you like, 2014 spring and summer dress trend, look Fabric to choose dress style. Cotton and linen fabrics are usually more elegant, not the use of dazzling colors to design, like this dress style, very light color embellishment, simple and very engaging, the summer can be coupled with woven straw hat and woven bag is very retro Taste, just take pictures are beautiful. Chiffon fabric dress is completely different, and looked very brisk, very clear effect, though it is a layer of design, but do not feel heavy feeling, or very thin, cool state, rose Red background, embellished sapphire blue, white petals a beautiful scene Oh.


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