Paying tribute to Victorian fashion to win the industry trend

The 2014 Beijing Service Expo was a shining star, and fashion brands of all walks of life fashioned an unparalleled fashion feast for the majority of attendees.

The 2014 Beijing Service Expo was a shining star, and fashion brands of all walks of life fashioned an unparalleled fashion feast for the majority of attendees. As a fashion pioneer in the field of suits, Shanshan clothing is also based on its unique Victorian charm, conquering many brand fans.

Shanshan Garment Hall attracts many people

From March 26 opening, continued to 29, Shanshan hall crowds, the scene on fire, continue to attract the attention of buyers and distributors from all over the world. The design and layout of the grand, retro and artistic pavilion, in addition to the interpretation of Savile's top concept store that has brought amazing service to the Fair, is also a wonderful Victorian gentleman's performance art. Shan brand new fashion temperament.

Gold standard product series debuted in 2014

On the wall side of the pavilion, the reporter saw a row of clothes that looked fine and fashionable. According to Shanshan clothing staff, this is the 2014 new work of Shanshan Garments – Gold Label series , whose core position is “ New Gentleman Style”. It is also the first time to meet with everyone. It is designed to pay attention to quality of life and focus on fashion success. Men's creation.

Shanshan Fashion Design Director told reporters that Shanshan Gold Label series redefines the fashion quality of life and uses fashion to interpret the exclusive sense of successful men. The positioning of its "new gentleman style" is derived from the long history of British Victorian dress style. In terms of color choices, designers are also struggling with the core colors such as sepia, military green, navy blue, burgundy, and high-grade gray. They are bold, innovative, and new to their debut. They are not only young and elegant, but also men. Imposing style.

Shanshan clothing

Not only that, gold label series products are also extremely elegant in terms of fabrics, plate types and processes. The series of products represented by suits are all made from the textile center BIELLA in Italy. The fabrics produced by these famous manufacturers use 100% natural high-quality wool and cashmere, grade Super100-Super150 . The simple and sensible line feeling and the detailed performance of the European court style will fully reflect the aesthetic sense of the overall gold label series.

In order to meet the standards of men's lightness, comfort, and naturalness, each suit of Shanshan uses a half-liner process. This advanced process is named after the tops of the wool chest linings reach the waist of the suit's front body. The use of pure Italian plates, the final display is a three-dimensional, self-cultivation, stretching effect, highlighting the atmosphere of men's chest.

Visitors like to add their favorite clothing to Shanshan.

At the scene, the reporter also observed that, from time to time, a continuous stream of visitors were extremely interested in Shanshan’s gold label products, and some could not help but press the shutter to photograph the unique design styles. Some stop to observe and discuss cooperation. The Shanshan staff is also busy receiving batch after batch of visitors and patiently providing detailed answers for each visitor.

Friends from overseas cooperate with Shanshan to negotiate

Among the many fashion brands today, companies that have been able to excavate a classic period of dress ideas so deeply and pass on their concept of fashion life in an innovative way can be described as a few, but Shanshan is struggling on this road. On the way to the future of fashion life, Shanshan clothing is ready to go and it is confident that it has started its brand new journey. Although the Beijing Service Expo 2014 has ended, the fashion of the Shanshan clothing has never stopped.

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