Congratulations to Qian Qindin Zhejiang Jinhua Qiu Bin store opened bright

Jiang boss was originally operating under the other brand of underwear, after the goods, images, factory services and many other issues, business has been on fire, not much improvement. Occasionally listening to a friend talking about Qian Qiaodan underwear brand is not bad, it will doubt the letter, holding the attitude to try to visit the company headquarters, visited the company showroom, direct sales stores, franchise stores, after a wide range of understanding, The Mercantile goods, image, service, etc. are very satisfied, immediately put the contract to sign. Because of its own store, from the original brand underwear shop directly into the Mercantile underwear shop, opened on March 23.


Striking arch, festive flower baskets, red gum, coupled with the beauty of the shouting wheat, highlight lively, festive scenes.



Clean, fresh and warm in-store shopping environment, to bring customers a good shopping experience. The fly in the ointment is that the original brand of container did not change into the Mercantile.


Shop with cute and elegant autumn home service, the overall style fresh and elegant. New listing of the new autumn display, has attracted many eyebrows.

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