Si Yin costumes led its 21.PLUS brand to attend the 13th Shenzhen Fashion Show

Shenzhen Si Yan Fashion Design Co., Ltd. under the Shenzhen Dongchang Fashion Design Co., Ltd., under the 21.PLUS brand will participate in the Shenzhen garment exhibition. Hall number: Hall 1, Booth number: 1G17.





Shenzhen Si Yin Fashion Design Co., Ltd. was established in February 2000, after 13 years of unremitting efforts, from the early single apparel processing enterprises, development and expansion for the design / development / production and sales as one of the strength of the new-shaped enterprises.

Si Yan Fashion Design Co., Ltd. BEANS beans now introduced Japan and South Korea series, 21.PLUS white-collar series, U13B urban style series, PRANN (Italy) is the rich European and American casual style women's series, the company diversified from the launch of the BUBBLE GUM children's clothing and THANN glasses series, to create one-stop customer service platform has laid a solid foundation.

Today's Si Yan clothing with the dedication and dreams, with a firm pace to maintain the highly developed situation, developed by the exclusive Dongchang BEANS beans /21.PLUS/U13B and other high-end apparel products, innovative design, unique style , The year produced more than 10,000 models of models.

BEANS positioning is "affordable luxury", it has the luxury of the usual high-end taste, sophisticated design. Design, bold use of bright colors, our fashion philosophy is "let you enjoy life comfortably." BEANS designers and buyers to go around the world to collect the wind, from Japan's Tokyo, South Korea, Milan, France, Paris and other fashion paradise to collect unique fashion around the world to explore a lot of taste of fashion brands, so that mainland women feel the world's different customs , Involved in the essence of folk culture, always stand in the forefront of fashion. The top fashion elements and realistic dress together, it is put it down.

The Shenzhen show Shenzhen Yin Clothing Design Co., Ltd. led its 21.PLUS brand exhibitors, a clear urban white-collar style.

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