G-Star RAW 2013 new cool summer series

2013 summer, innovative, always committed to breaking the boundaries of the international Tannin Pioneer brand G-Star RAW launched the summer series, respectively, for men and women launched a new 3D tannin, red series, 3D jackets, wear tannins and other series! Strive to each quarter for each customer launch in line with demand for products, continue to break the boundaries, the use of different materials and technology, the pursuit of the ultimate luxury Tannin experience! G-Star continues the 3D innovation, this season for the Lady launched two models of tannins -Type C and A-Crotch. Type C features 3D curved leg contours and a lower, more relaxed, more prominent 3D design of the hip. Following the first launch of the A-Crotch Pants for men in 2000, G-Star launched the new A-Crotch Pants for women this season with horizontal seams on the inside of the legs highlighting the 3D silhouette of the inside of the legs Another highlight of the model is the exaggerated pocket and the A-type design of the back pocket. G-Star launches upgraded skinny jeans for women: 3301 Jeg Skinny. Quote the ultimate stretch fabric, the waist design and the original size reduced 6cm. The fabric will be waist design more fit the waist curves of women. Extremely stretch tannin fabric super high ductility, pants can be the perfect recovery of the original cut shape. Elastic fabrics created by special weaving techniques and smart structures enable consumers to fully fit during the exercise process as if they were the second layer of skin-like touch. This season, the Red Listing collection is available for women, combining Comfort Vinegar Denim and the 3301 Tapered Pants. In contrast to the traditional jeans making process, the Red Listing makes the red edges on the inside of the seams and coin pockets to distinguish them. This season, especially for women to choose soft touch and crisp tough fabric, the most iconic feature is the gradient of water to create a shaded effect. 3301 Tapered launched a mild water wash and moderate water washing. Wear tannin production process itself is an art, all hand-made, through professional skills, tannin presents a natural, old-fashioned, and real feeling. This unique technique makes each of the different levels of wear on the surface of jeans and is therefore unique. The men's highlight is the combination of the Red Listing Ravage tannin and the 3301 Low Tapered fit pant, creating classic worn tannins with brushing and paint spots. Most women's pants are introduced models of damaged tannins, from Type Cpant to A-Crotch, for a variety of body shape ladies choice. G-Star Continuation 3D Denim classic design, one after another for men to bring innovative design - Type C and A-Crotch pants. Type C features 3D curved leg contours and inspiration from vintage workers' pants, with the hip designed to be lower and more relaxed. The new A-Crotch pant is seamed horizontally at the inside of the leg to highlight the 3D silhouette on the inside of the leg. Another highlight of this pant is the exaggerated pocket and the A-shape design of the back pocket. Red Listing With the ring / ring-spun Ravage denim, tannins, which are produced using traditional weft weft weaving, have a rough surface and a more realistic presence. In contrast to the traditional jeans making process, the Red Listing makes the red edges on the inside of the seams and coin pockets to distinguish them. The series uses deep indigo damaged tannins, made by eight dyeing and oxidation processes. The 3301 Low Tapered pant uses light, worn-out and sabotage, while the Radar uses modest old-fashioned and water-washing processes. Inspired by the first 3D jeans, G-Star Elwood, G-Star launched the Hunter collection this season. The collection covers all tannins and the parallel pockets determine the key details of the collection. The Hunter 5620 3D Low Tapered Series reinforces the G-Star Elwood features, such as the buttocks pad. In addition, Hunter Slim Blazer and Hunter Bomber Jacket create a sleek design with minimal detail, all focused on flat design. G-Star strives to create a perfect blue every season. This summer, men's tannin series highlights the bright colors, similar to light green tannins blue. Arc 3D Loose Tapered uses Azure tannins to create a summer style through intense blue and white paint spots. Meanwhile, 3D Denning's innovator, G-Star Elwood, extends the knee to the thigh and uses bright blue to make this summer a touch of bright blue!


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