Warmly celebrate the similar girls stationed in Guangdong Maoming Xinyi

Like a fire in June, women's sales into the peak season, similar girls and then sign a new store. Coming soon to Maoming, Guangdong Province, Xinyi City, the store is under preparation for the upcoming opening soon! Let us wish the new store opened, the rich source of money! Join service hotline:


Shenzhen similar girl Clothing Co., Ltd is a founded in 2010 fashion brand women's fashion chain. Introducing similar girls' brands to urban modern women, the company operates a variety of products including apparel, handbags, women's shoes and jewelry accessories. The main target products are women aged 20-35. They have a unique personality, young, energetic, dynamic and stylish way of life; they lively, free and easy, a bit self-willed, a bit self, with "the least cost to dress up the most beautiful self" is they abide by the laws of life, so Meet Girls brand by their favorite! To give up the pursuit of the brand, enjoy the low-cost boutique is a consumer trend of modern urban families, but also white-collar family new life style! With the popularity of this trend of the times, representing the Korean lifestyle apparel popular exception!


Meet the girl in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has a strong product procurement and R & D center, trained a number of outstanding designers and fashion buyers, often to the clothing distribution center and Hong Kong, South Korea and other places to collect the latest international popular information, from Access to design inspiration, making similar girls every quarter of the product has the latest fashion representation. At the same time, the company and all over the country large-scale garment production base, clothing distribution center to establish a long-term cooperative relations of development, with the major garment manufacturers to establish a stable and cooperative relations, every year there are 7000-8000 models available, every week can Update store goods 2-3 times, to ensure adequate supply, marketable products and rapid updates of new products.

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