Reasonable choice of health home textiles for a comfortable sleep

We live in a high-light, fast-paced society. As work and life pressures increase, more and more people experience different levels of sleep deprivation and transition fatigue. Improving the sleeping environment is a social problem that many people have realized and are eager to improve. In such a large environment, home textile merchants have sharply captured potential business opportunities and launched a series of health care home textiles, memory pillows, high resilience pillows and silk quilts. The selling point of these home textiles different from ordinary home textiles is to improve sleep from the principle of physical structure rehabilitation and the principle of natural plant physiotherapy. How do we polish our eyes, filter the false propaganda of the business, and choose the products that are suitable for ourselves and effective?

Health pillow

A health pillow is a healthy pillow that has a certain health effect and can relieve nerves, calm and soothe the nerves, and protect the cervical spine. There are many kinds of health care pillows on the market, such as jade pillow, slow rebound pillow, cassia pillow, kapok jade pillow, and space pillow. Many choices make customers pick the eyes. Are these so-called health pillows really worth playing? How to choose a suitable and effective product?

Health pillows are divided into material health pillows (such as slow rebound, memory pillow, space pillow) and internal health care pillows (such as cassia, lavender,), and most of them are valuable, some high-end materials actually sold about 3000 High price. For example, a pillow made of pure natural latex and ecological energy gold crystal crystals, said that it can continuously release negative ions and far infrared rays beneficial to the human body, thereby improving the quality of sleep, but then searching online for the evaluation of this pillow, saying that there is very little Most of them say that they just feel comfortable and have not experienced the effect of improving sleep. Coincidentally, in another store, I saw a kind of lavender skin pillow, which was priced at more than 300. This high price is because it is pure plant and treated with a unique process. Through the principle of Chinese herbal aroma, it allows the user to inhale the taste of the drug and promote sleep.

Accordingly, the relevant person in charge of the Consumer Protection Bureau of the Industry and Commerce Bureau stressed to reporters that just like health care products can only play a health care role, health care pillows can only be used for health care, and there is no therapeutic effect at all, although in theory, bedding Comfortable should help to fall asleep, but this is not the same as the treatment of insomnia, which is widely advertised by the business. As far as he knows, there is currently no authority claiming that some kind of bedding can be used to treat insomnia, so consumers should try to maintain rational shopping. Mentality, don't blindly pursue expensive products.

Although the health care function of the health pillow is minimal, once some people with allergies use the medicine pillow that should not be used, it may cause body allergy, which may even cause the skin tissue of the user to fall off a large area, causing kidney failure. Threatening life. Moreover, the health-care pillow filled with drugs is prone to moisture and mildew, and the drug properties are also changed after the drug is mildewed, which is also likely to cause trouble to the user.

Remind the public to pay attention to the rationale when buying pillows, do not blindly listen to the business propaganda, buy medicine pillows. Even if a citizen wants to buy a medicine pillow, it is best to consult a doctor beforehand to see if his body can use the pillow.

Health care

At present, the market is full of various health care products of various materials, and its selling point is the inner filling, silk, wool, down, kapok and so on. The external packaging is marked with antibacterial, anti-mite and anti-sleep effects to varying degrees, and even more indicates that it has the effect of improving immunity and clearing the meridians and moisturizing skin to delay aging.

A customer who is a doctor sneers at the business slogan. "Even if you want to eat flowers every day, it may not be effective. If you put it on, you can delay aging." It is undeniable that the drugs filled in the core can sometimes play a certain role. Function, but the effect is not great. Especially when the medicine is volatilized for a long time, the health care is completely lost.

He also questioned the improper use of the body. Common quilt fillers are silk, flowers and plants, etc. These quilts are mostly summer quilts, but they are easy to sweat in summer, and the fillers are water-absorbing, which is prone to mold and spoilage and breed bacteria. If it is not disinfected, it may cause skin diseases and affect the respiratory system of the human body.

The person in charge of the relevant person in charge of the Consumer Protection Bureau of the Industry and Commerce Bureau said: These are the promotional gimmicks that attract consumers to the eyeballs. If there is no authoritative data of any authority, no matter how much it is praised, consumers should not It is easy to believe that once the cowhide is blown, there will be false propaganda.

Ecological mattress

Like the pillows and quilts, the mattress industry was in the early stages of development due to the low barriers to entry, the lack of sound quality standards and the lack of strict supervision. The recent quality incidents such as formaldehyde over-standard and black-hearted fillings are still unresolved, and the current situation of the chaotic industry in the mattress industry is still hesitant. Major manufacturers have successively launched new types of ecological mattresses, all of which advocate healthy sleep. Admittedly, the quality of the material determines the quality of the quality, consumers carefully select, check the product description appraisal report to ensure that after buying quality and quantity of products, you need daily maintenance to maintain its quality, do not let you because of moisture and mildew The "ecological mattress" became a "poison mattress."

Conscience is the moral bottom line of every practitioner. Responsibility for consumers is the brand foundation of every enterprise. Technology innovation is the ultimate driving force for industry upgrading. The leaders of the China Sleep Research Association, the China Furniture Association, the National Indoor Environmental and Indoor Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the China Ecological Society jointly called on the mattress enterprises to strengthen self-discipline and abandon the superficial phenomenon of “Golden Jade and Others”. Starting from science and technology and quality, we will conform to and meet the general trend of consumers' rational consumption and green consumption, and said that they will strengthen industry supervision and management and technical support, and actively cooperate with outstanding enterprises to formulate industry standards related to ecological mattresses in China and improve the overall quality of the industry. The threshold allows consumers to consume high-quality eco-healthy sleep products.


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