He Zuo-dimensional music (Sogni kids) children's clothing store in Hubei Shishi opened

Sogni Kids, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Zhuowei Le Fashion Co., Ltd., opened its first store on May 25 in Shizuidou, Hubei Province. The best gift for a children's day, the opening day also by the local consumer care and support. Also congratulate franchisee friends business is booming, opened. Shishou is located in southern Hubei Province, south Hunan South County, An Township, Huarong, Jiangling arrived in the north, east of Jianli, west of the police. Stone first Jiangnan, Jiangbei two blocks. Is a plain, both hill. Jiangnan is a high-pitched plain, the middle of the main flat, Jiangbei plain. The entire topography is slightly higher northwest, lower middle, southwest tilt, the ground elevation is generally between 31 m -36 m. There Peach Blossom Hill, the central goods mountain column, the main peak of 626 meters high, six southwest mountains, a Wuling Mountain is the veins. In the densely populated rivers and lakes, river networks, lakes, depressions dense interlacing embankments more. The Yangtze River from west to east meandering over, there are nine ileum said. The Zoewild children's clothing (Sogni kids) stationed in Hubei Shishou shop is also Zhuowei Le first store in Hubei, will start the first brand marketing strategy, the brand image will be extended again, a more systematic management model , Increase and enhance the brand image, enhance the brand image. The initial establishment of the brand in the hearts of consumers in the symbolic position. Vigorously strengthen the terminal image investment efforts to maintain the unity of the terminal image; to consolidate the brand position, strengthen brand reputation, brand differentiation in the minds of consumers, will continue to upgrade sales, brand marketing strategy to enhance the overall. Sogni kids with natural minimalist design style, close to the international fashion trends, series of design style, with the paragraph between the random mix of style with fashion trends, colorful, with a small friend Innocent and lively personality, and all fabrics are in strict accordance with national environmental quality requirements, international quality certification to ensure healthy and happy growth of children, Zhuowei Lok children at a moderate price to provide more comprehensive and better products, so that customers, customers get more Discount Hong Kong Zhuowei Clothing Group Co., Ltd. Join Hotline: Official microblogging: @ Zhuowei Le children's clothing Contact: Marketing Center Tel: Manager Zhou official website: Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City Luoxi Yingbin Road, No. 99 Zhuo Wei Business Building, fourth floor

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