Actress Deshaka 2015 spring and summer new clothing Actress Girl print dress with

Dior designed for the girl to create a small princess image, each girl in the hearts of parents are the most beautiful princess, each girl should have like a princess-like love and care, the new spring and summer of 2007, the new fashion styles, print dress style With the little girl in spring and summer is to wear a dress before the United States and the United States da. Take a look at what the popular 2015 dress. Pure color dress I think it should be the most people choose, but those are for the working people, of course, the more children wear the more the better, the Floral pedicure Floral Shakespeare dress, fresh blue dotted Floral, blossoming flowers decorated with very fresh and playful, spring and summer long-sleeved dress with a pendant is also very good. Early spring wear, the early spring season, the dress can not be short-sleeved, because it will be more cool so choose long-sleeved or more wise, if it is a short sleeve but also a jacket, Tohaza children's printed dress style, long sleeve Design white fungus collar embellishment very eye-catching, fresh color printing, spring and summer is absolutely very refreshing.

Cotton Fabric

  1. Cotton fiber has a good moisture absorption, skin can feel soft and comfortable.
  2. Cotton products are relatively good heat resistance, in daily use can be more casual washing printing and dyeing.
  3. Cotton fiber resistance to ALKALI, easy to wash, disinfection, but also conducive to the cotton textile dyeing, printing and various processes to produce more new clothing styles.
  4. Cotton fiber in flowers is natural fiber, contact with the skin will not have any irritation, but also do not have any negative effect, so we wear cotton products for a long time is also good for the body.

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