Mr. Wang Jun, General Manager of Guangzhou Coke Trading Co., Ltd wishes you a Happy New Year

Mr. Wang Jun, general manager of Guangzhou Coke Stone Trading Co., Ltd wishes you a happy New Year, a proud year of sheep year and a big show of sailing in the wind. Thanks to the broad masses of old and new customers, distribution agents, colleagues in the industry, consumers have long been the support and attention, your support is our motivation, 2015 "GrowStyle" new upsurge of men looking forward to working with you to create new brilliant! "GrowStyle" apparel is a brand of apparel designed for a group of young people who have an ideal, ambitious, and understand life, beautiful taste. Products using the original self-cultivation technology, combined with the body characteristics of young people aged 20-35, finely cut, sophisticated sewing, the young man's elegant figure more perfect show. Simple but not simple brand style, luxury without extravagance, confidence and conceit. Fashion show in the taste, revealing the charm of personality. According to the different preferences of young people and occasions, "GrowStyle" apparel is divided into three series: fashion city, fashion leisure and fashion business. The theme is clear and the style is distinct. To meet the majority of urban young people, business elites wear out needs.

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