Bhutan women's 2013 spring and summer play sweet candy color promotion

BETU brand women have been admired with unlimited clothing style, all the time can cleverly combine fashion elements, create their own unique product style. Spring and summer 2013, Boutu women's blend of today's fashion elements, with always adhere to the refined design concept of innovation, the most oriental urban women's charm.

百图 - BETU

Cascading cake dress piercing out the slim "Ma Le pole", with striped bottoming shirt & casual small suit, to create belong to the young MM fashion commuter dress, pink fish head shoes and bags laid the overall Look color tone.

百图女装2013春夏大玩糖果色 甜美感晋升

Stitching sleeveless top with printing shorts, seemingly simple dress with the help of pink immediately show a different visual sense, stitching candy color fish head shoes & pink patent leather handbags are spring and summer plays a must have sweet items Oh.

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