Prince family 2012 new underwear for the quality of life of women born

The production and sale of " Prince Son " fashion sexy lingerie in China is facilitated by the participation of the Italian headquarters in the construction of the brand and the transmission of the concept of international fashion trends. "One Haijin" Garments Co., Ltd. is a more localized version of the Chinese market. Adjustment and improvement of the product concept, combined with ergonomics, human health, human aesthetics, using the best fabrics at home and abroad from France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Japan, etc., so that each product can reflect the perfect line of women .


The princely family boutique lingerie was born for women who pay attention to the quality of life and the details of life. A brand new European style describes "luxury, fashion and seduction" most vividly.

皇子家族2012新品内衣 为注重生活品质的女性诞生

Elegant and mysterious, but also add sexy style, romantic luxury show uninhibited style.
A tempting brand, born for women who pay attention to the quality of life and the details of life.

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