SHE new interpretation of FEXATA women's spring 2012 women's clothing

Recently, FEXATA new spokesperson HEBE Hebe Tian and Ella Chen ELLA Guangzhou to shoot for the brand in spring 2012 and accepted a large product image fashion magazine "Iraq Week" interview.


FEXATA brand, the romantic feelings of the French streets as a design inspiration, emphasizing "mix and match", "personality" and "sexy." The HEBE Tian He Zhen and ELLA Chan Ka-wah in the studio in the cold, focused, frankly FEXATA Spring "New Hollywood Girls" and "Provence Dream" two themes of the retro and romantic play the ultimate. The filming process, the photographer quickly pressed the hands of the shutter, constantly praised Road: "Very good! Nice! Great!" Work is HEBE and ELLA full of concentration, perseverance, serious expression is very charming, but as long as the relaxation Then they began to become the lively ELLA on weekdays, HEBE, with a warm smile, chatting and laughing with the field staff, so that the whole atmosphere of active. Hee hee, have to marvel FEXATA spokesperson's personality and lively.


"I like to wear very casual feeling"; "Easy, comfortable, comfortable to chat with you"; "I like retro things, this chiffon lace is very old-fashioned feeling" ... ... HEBE and ELLA two Big beauty in the interview with the "Iraq Week" share FEXATA, on the different views of fashion, but also share the three SHE go hand in hand together the ups and downs.


"Decades grinding sword", FEXATA today finally witnessed them step by step came the tacit understanding and charm. As the 10th anniversary of the SHE's military formation this year, we look forward to a steady, farther and more flashy future for the next 10 years.

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