How do parents pick good pairs of shoes for the baby?

[This website - Dr. shoes] A small pair of shoes, a lot of learning really. How to choose a pair of good shoes that are suitable for his growth and development, but also conducive to learning to walk?

1. Shoes should fit together. Every two weeks or so, it's important to note whether your baby's shoes are too small.

You can let the baby sit down and feel whether the big toe is half a centimeter to 1 cm away from the vamp, so that when the little baby steps forward, it's enough to stretch forward with big toe. space. Shoes that are too big are easy to stomp.

2. Socks soft cloth shoes: just learn to walk, if the ground is too rough, you can put a pair of socks for the baby instead of shoes, or use socks made into a soft cloth shoes, it is best to feel the bottom of the socks have non-slip rubber dots, Prevents baby from slipping.

3. When you walk, a shoe that emits audible noise: The shoe that rings or hangs on the sole of a shoe can let children watch themselves walking with their feet. On the Other hand, they can train their children's hearing.

The walker is still not stable, and the sound of walking can help parents notice him and know where he is.

4. Easy-to-clean shoes: Baby's shoes are best cleaned easily. If they are dirty, they can be thrown into the washing machine.

5. Easy to wear and easy to take off the shoes: Usually designed for the baby's shoes, nylon clips are attached, just like a hand; or pick a pair of pull can wear shoes, so that the children will no longer wear shoes It is difficult one thing.

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