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Although not as good as winter, but we do not have to wear heavy cotton or down jacket. At this time wearing a woolen coat can be perfect out of the street. However, after this event, a stylish and easy to take what coats have what style? If you are not very clear, may wish to follow Xiaobian coopool cooke new world to take a look.

珂珀 - coopool

In this season's coats series, coopool coper dyed technology, not printing and dyeing, the use of yarn-dyed technology will make the color look more delicate. Coupled with a simple suit collar and self-cultivation version. Within the appropriate catch on the bottom, you can easily deal with the upcoming cold, but also allows you to have a warm winter fashion sense.

2015冬季流行的呢大衣 拼接色呢大衣新款

Profile neat cocoon coat, with a deep V-collar cut, although not particularly sexy, but to see how much deep V still have a little touch. The whole paragraph with the latest yarn-dyed technology tweed fabric, stitching hit color hem, the details of simple, elegant fashion. This color-dyed stitching color, the color of the impact of this coat is the biggest fashion highlights. This season's boring, may wish to have their own fashion color to break.

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