IT men dress with IT otaku summer how to dress even more taste

IT men in everyone's impression is generally with eyes, carrying a shoulder bag, wearing a Siwen Wen, not how to speak nor how to go out Otaku. In fact, compared to other IT science boys and boys, to more staggering, of course, natural female students are not how good! Want to solve this problem, from the daily wear and get started to change. Then IT otaku summer dress more attractive girls attention? How should IT men with more taste? Below with Xiaobian take a look! IT Otaku, full of college style check shirt you wear it? This is a fatal factor you can not attract the attention of girls, may wish to abandon it, try the wave point shirts! Such as this white, small black irregular wave point men's short-sleeved shirt, black lapel and cuff color mosaic, enhance the visual sense, coupled with self-cultivation version of the cut, stylish and stylish. Paladin leisure suit with Pants, coupled with a blue-green belt, the shirt into the pants into pants, more sense of gentleman. Whether to work or daily wear, this dress makes you the focus of street attention, not afraid not to attract girls' attention! If you are a full good Gu Meng Meng IT, then this POLO shirt, will definitely become your eye-catching weapon. Mint green eye-catching, plus the black dot and small bow embroidery embellishment, full of small fresh Korean taste. The well-behaved black lapels and cuffs embellishment, fashion and not in the stereotypes. With navy or black casual pants, feet British fashion style shoes, coupled with a stylish handbag embellishment, so you look brand new, completely piercing different styles, make you more eye-catching. Picture credit: KIR brand men's clothing

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Multicolor Sequin Embroidery Fabric

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Feather Sequins Embroidery Fabric

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