Workplace fashion wear OL dress up dress code

Ben Wang reported on October 30th that it is certainly not only the ability to work in the workplace, but how to escape from being among colleagues and how to make you feel good every day and how to stand in front of the mirror every morning This is the distress of many women who love beauty. Let's take a look at the following content and learn from the best OL dressing book recommended by the Editor.

Gradient-colored, loose denim shirts are simple and whimsical, but they are not monotonous. Take a casual strap-up skirt and show off the aura of a casual woman.

Concise plaid pattern jacket, concise, chic style, with a simple rib knit sweater and matching plaid skirt, showing a capable gas field.

Refined imitation leather stitching detail coat, loose long version, excellent temperament, casual T-shirt and style casual handsome Slim trousers, brings a strong charm of the gas field.

A soft, fleece jacket with a slim, slim design and a chiffon blouse and high-waisted shorts, revealing a modern minimalist elegance.

Concise plaid pattern jacket, shoulder pad design, great layout, with a concise gray trousers and white shirt, showing the natural refreshing style. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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