Fashion embroidery colorful clothing pursuit of female beauty and elegant combination

Middle-aged women of high self-confidence, they are no longer like the general pursuit of individual girls fashion, more of the pursuit of female beauty and elegant combination. Biyang women , fashion embroidery Colorful mainstream clothing, taste, sophistication, rich atmosphere of three-dimensional beauty of the introduction of embroidery and version of the type structure, stylish and not exaggerated personality and patience.


Figure: France Bi Yang Women

Velvet fabric upper body soft and comfortable, oblique V-neckline necklace with a necklace, even more sexy neck lines, high waist folded version of the design, the hem slightly open, highlighting tall figure and slim waist, and hip length With black leggings, a unique female sense of elegance passed away.

时尚绣花炫彩服装  追求女性美与优雅结合

Figure: France Bi Yang Women

Selection of a modified cheongsam version of the type, with exquisite craftsmanship embroidery velvet fabric to create the perfect curve bump immediately presented, part of the rotator cuff stitching luxury fur, classical charm set off the solemn and elegant women, elegant.

Polyester Fancy Yarn Cotton Like, in appearance, it is changed the density of single fiber and adopts special double-helix cross-section shape. In performance, it adds special third component to improve the dyeability, moisture absorbency and moisture transfer ability. It is similar to cotton fabric in appearance and hand feelings.


Polyester Fancy Yarn Cotton Like

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