What clothing is the most durable and not outdated fashion clothing styles

The arrival of autumn and winter, the major businesses have also put on the new autumn and winter shelves, autumn and winter new how to choose to wear a little longer? Many mothers will choose the most popular styles this year, but ignore the performance, autumn and winter clothing not only wear a quarter, you can wear next year, so do not choose too fancy. Winter cotton padded style, beige hooded padded clothes, solid color style, not only with a very good fashion, whether this year or next year, beige will not be outdated, you can continue to mix, beige padded clothes with bright colors is also a good match Oh. Now the weather wearing cotton clothing and too hot, wear a little thin and too cold, then this absolutely suitable, small floral collarless thin cotton jacket, fresh floral style, is a quarter of fashion items, With a white T-shirt can look good, simple and stylish. (Source: Bangji deer 2013 new autumn and winter clothing)

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