Urban wardrobe fashion womens fresh green wake up early summer

Clouds want clothes to spend. Chasing fashion, beyond the popular is the dream of many urban women. Fashion aesthetic has been guiding the direction of women's life, urban wardrobe for the pursuit of romance, fashion, Xian Shu, elegant and capable women and design, creating a romantic, stylish, elegant beauty. In this colorful spring, green is the most appropriate embellishment, the city's wardrobe of women's new spring chiffon shirt, with fresh green to create elegant posture, wake up with you in early summer!


Lotus double collar design, sweet and stylish, extends to the cuffs, better cover the arm fat, showing the perfect arm lines, chest collar double collar design, natural and generous, clothes and pants at the junction with the Department of contraction, so that the overall clothes More prominent sense. The back of the same design as before, so that clothes more intense sense of hierarchy!

城市衣柜时尚女装 清新绿色唤醒初夏

Strap shoulder half sleeve design ideas, small Lu Xiang Shoulder, sweet with a small woman sexy, dew without burst, fungus from the neckline has been extended to cuffs, small and sophisticated approach to add a sense of style exquisite, before and after Design consistent, free to wear, fungus edge elastic edge to increase design three-dimensional sense of upper body more casual nature.

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