Hetian jade consumption differentiation will go to high-end

Hetian jade consumption differentiation will go high Consumption differentiation is a normal market performance. Hetian jade consumption also has such a situation. There is a huge difference between the high-end jade consumption and the low-end jade consumer prices, and the consumer groups have different purposes in buying jade. Buy high-end Hetian jade generally for investment collection, and the low-end consumer groups to buy the starting point is beautiful.

The differentiation of consumption levels shows the uneven distribution of wealth. The differentiation of jade consumption has another influencing factor. That is, consumers' recognition of jade products. In the eyes of ordinary consumers, the value of jade stays in the jade and craftsmanship, while the high-end jade consumer groups pay more attention to it.

The differentiation of the consumer market also contributed to the differentiation of the upstream. In order to meet the demand for medium and low-grade jade consumption, a lot of jade have emerged. These jade companies do not have a brand, but they have a large quantity but they are not competitive. The jade enterprises that mainly use high-end jade products have relatively stronger competitiveness. The reason why so many jade companies can coexist is that the consumption of jade is relatively strong, and the competition in the jade market has not yet fully developed.

However, the ultimate road for jade companies still needs to be settled on the brand, and jade consumption will also be on the high end. With the deeper understanding of consumers on the value of jade, the increase in the number of jade investors and the popularity of jade culture, etc., the market share of high-end jade products will be even greater.

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