Famous brand pants new store - Shibashi shop is trial operation!

December 1, 2012, Guangzhou, rain to thunderstorms, rain know the season; located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City Shiqiao famous brand women's pants shop opened trial operation. On the day the company representatives went together to congratulate, and the site to guide the new store trial operation. Shiqiao Xindian is located in Guangqiao Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, No. 144 Guangming Road, the shop area of ​​more than 60 square meters, as the entire commercial street is also a strong star stationed presence, the United States and the United States store a unique decoration style, stands in the commercial street , It is particularly noticeable. Mr. Xiao franchisee brand confidence in the United States and famous in the trial camp the same day, although accompanied by thunderstorms, still can not stop the enthusiasm of consumers to attract a large number of customers to buy stores, shop staff and Xiao boss busy. Shiqiao store interior display King King boss is a businessman from business for many years, both in the choice or operation of the project, Mr. Shaw has a unique vision, he chose the name of the beautiful pants, in addition to value the influence of the brand , More emphasis on support policies given by the company as well as the latter part of the training guide. He believes that "doing business is not a matter of two days a day, it is a long-term mutual benefit and mutually beneficial win-win project." Therefore, in terms of project selection, he believes that the United States and the United States can give him the practical benefits he wants. In business management, in order to allow more consumers concerned about the brand name beauty pants, the company made a detailed market research report, and many on the surrounding consumer groups in-depth research and analysis, the final decision December 8, 2012 , The new store officially opened, then the new store will be held a variety of promotional activities, the majority of favorite fashion pants favorite consumers, according to the boss said the opening day of new store is real enough "into the store has a gift, the best opening price, audience low Big discount, lucky big turntable, you want a few off on a few fold, the price you set, lucky pumping awards "and other world best none other activities. Xiao boss confidence big consumer, we wait and see action quickly. At the same time I wish Ishihashi new store opened, rich resources!

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Paper-cut: Taken from Chinese traditional red paper, the paper is cut by Chinese non-genetic inheritors and senior art masters. The shape depends on the local scenery or legends, especially the portrait paper-cut, which is vivid and vivid.

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