"Dream Emperor" brand underwear love it's unique

Dili Dream Poem focuses on product design and R & D with strategic eyesight. It spends a lot of money setting up "Product Design Center" and attracts many professional designers who have rich experience in the industry, professional technology and keen fashion trend, Equipped with the French lectra computer design system, with independent, professional product design capabilities and research capabilities.


"Dream of the Gods," has many experienced designers in different styles, products full of romantic elegance and high taste of aesthetic taste, product style unique in the industry. In addition, for the special needs of underwear products, "God dream poetry," the use of natural environmental protection underwear fibers, modal, cotton, cotton Lycra and other fabrics, 尽显 beautiful and comfortable.

“帝梦诗”品牌内衣  爱上它的独树一帜

Bras and underwear series of products, adjust the shape V series, body sculpting body products, sexy fashion pajamas products, swimwear sports products, natural materials, comfortable and healthy M series.

Natural materials, casual pajamas and suits series products, silk pajamas products, sports and ladies products, sexy and aesthetic pajamas products.

Our main product is Microfiber Towel.We have any weight about Towel, 200GSM, 300GSM, 400GSM custom weight. Any size is no problem.We have own factory ,so we accept OEM.The advantage of towel are easy to wash without detergent, super soft, super absorbent, quickly dry,eco-friendly, remove visible, invisible dirt without any scratch,no bad odors,can customize the packaging with your logo.Usage of microfiber towel is cleaning, travel, bath, hand, face, etc.


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