Mark Fairwhale MF ART + concept store Shanghai Xintiandi fashion heat

Mark Fairwhale concept store MFART + MCHotDog open mysterious energy stone - MFART + concept store Xintiandi fashion heat opened the global trend of culture again air strikes magic are Shanghai, and has been hailed as a new landmark in life Shanghai Xintiandi three - Xintiandi fashion is the emerging designer brands , Local designer brand, multi-brand integrated store, fashion brand, lifestyle brand focus. The MFART + concept store, a trendsetting collection store crafted by Mark Fairwhale, was also unveiled here on October 27. That night, Taiwan's MCHotDog hot dog (MCHotDog) came to the scene to experience the mysterious energy of the MFART + concept store with celebrities such as Gao Yayuan, Luo Kaiyuan and Wu Bin, celebrities, fashion masters and media friends of my famous show I show. As indicated by the MFART + logo - an infinitely extensible design, where art can add anything to produce unexpected results. Mark Fairwhale CEO Yang Kuntian and Taiwan hip-hop king MChotdog photo MCHotDog led the show MFART concept concept store uses a large number of unpredictable elements of the universe, whether space walkway, space capsule, or spacecraft design has created a mysterious future, Transparent, white and fluorescent green organic combination is telling people what is the trend, what is fashion, and left a space for the future imagination. With the launch of Energy Stone by Mark Fairwhale CEO Yang Kuntian and invited hot dog (MCHotDog), the opening party of the MFART + concept store officially kicked off. Followed by the four brands ingenious style show, the central space walkway shop become the main show of each model, the space walk through the four directions of the store space, the overall store space by "+" unlimited possibilities . Models wearing different brands of clothing one by one debut, the scene instantly boiling. Make people enjoy different styles of clothing attitude. When the last series of catwalks ended, all the models departed and the show was still far off. Taiwan's MCHotDog debut brought the orgasm to the climax. He said he likes MFART + concept stores very much. "Everyone knows I like it Challenge, adventurous, like to try different things, my song is also a warm, critically different style and elements, it is this common cause of this cooperation we believe that many young people I like There is a sense of design have a thought-provoking things! "Mackay Fairfax high-end designer brand M-IDEAFOREVER Hyun debut MFART + trend of the new definition MFART concept store is a collection of experimental and brave spirit of tide brand gathering, this time Mark Fairwhale will A new concept of fashion to consumers, for the first time trying to perfect the collection of different designer brands, continue to attract designers around the world in this brand, fashion for people to provide a diverse platform, a paradise collecting fashion clothing . It is reported that MFART + trendy brand combined store brings together the Japanese tide brand - BlackSense, the famous Italian fashion brand - K-ant, Mark Fairwhale independent high-end designer brand - (M-IDEAFOREVER), Taiwan hip-hop tide brand - PizzaCutFive and from Hong Kong lifestyle home Museum - Road (ZIXAG). The goal of the MFART + concept store is to constantly look for talented brands with a spirit of experimentation and courage in the world and bring them together to eventually become their market entry incubator and also an observation and exchange of ideas for trendy people who love Mark Fairwhale The exchange platform. As Mark Fairwhale CEO Mr. Yang Kuntian said, "The fashion trend, not just an appearance, more content is the interaction of each other, the trend of bringing together brand is a mutual way to allow more influx of people to have A platform for communication and communication. "Various styles of various brands are skillfully collocated with the unique and playful design, people will have a refreshing feeling every time visiting the MFART + concept store, full of expectation! For the field of fashion, MFART + concept store will not rigidly adhere to the current trend, but will integrate different cultures, different regions of the trend include integration, the latest information and fashion attitude to the vast number of consumers. Allow more consumers to experience the diverse consumer experience. Adhering to the spirit of experimentation and courageous game, MFART + uses the symbols of the future to tell consumers in a stylish and fashionable way that fashion is not in Paris or in London. Hip-hop culture is not in New York or in Taiwan. It exists in everyone. Heart, as long as you are willing to explore.

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