Join St. Ann Julian brand do not give up their pursuit of beauty

Ms. Lin, the founder of the brand, came together in 2005 with several young designers who loved life and had unique insights into fashion. After intense discussions, Ms. Liu Ling decided to set up a studio and create her own stuff in order to express her My own understanding of fashion, life and beauty. In the process, there have been difficulties and distortions. However, they will never lower their demands on quality, nor will they blindly change their own concepts of the world. They will not give up their own understanding of the United States. Perseverance and sweat finally condensed into a name " St. Ann Julian ."


This studio is the predecessor of Shanghai Chen Yun Garment Co., Ltd. Today, it has become a set design, production and sales as one of the beginning of the scale of professional apparel companies. With the promotion of the brand status of "Ann Julian" and the continuous expansion of the company scale, more and more talents entered this group and laid a good foundation for the sustained and rapid development of the Company. Now, we have a sensitive and mature team of designers, professional and dedicated management team, advanced operation mechanism and sales network all over China from expanding stores.

加盟圣安茱丽安品牌 不放弃自己对美的追求

First, the franchisee requirements:
1. With the operation of high-end brand women 's experience, familiar with brand clothing management;
2. Franchisee should have more than 25 million liquidity of working capital strength;
Second, the location of the mall has the advantage of shopping malls or mature commercial location.

Third, the storefront requirements Well-known shopping mall area of ​​not less than 50 square meters of side cabinet location, the store is located in the bustling commercial area of ​​the local area of ​​not less than 40 square meters, more than 3 meters wide facade.
Fourth, shop support Free store decoration design drawings, display training, quarterly product features to explain, management guidance, goods with manuals, pictures and so on.
Fifth, the cost price to provide clothes racks, shopping bags, props and so on.
Sixth, the purchase of goods using order system, held twice a year will be ordering. When ordering the delivery of 30% deposit, the balance of delivery. Exchange rate: 20% of the order amount, relaxed to 100% in the first quarter.

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