Taste the edge of women's unique distribution of fashion charm

Taste is the life of all living in the world's metropolitan independence, freedom, the pursuit of quality and modern women's design. On behalf of young people vitality, interesting lifestyle, full of dynamic and strong flavor of the times. Taste edge has a unique personality, bringing a young, energetic and interesting way of life. The fabric is selected from Europe and Japan's advanced fabrics, designers use a rich and varied, very strong sense of color. With the latest fashion trends, we have designed a series of fashionable fashion models that are comfortable to wear and represent the world.

品味缘女装 散发独一无二的时尚魅惑

Brand style: sexy self-confidence, passionate vitality, fashion charm. Design philosophy: changing style, high-profile fashion, unique, unique.

品味缘女装 散发独一无二的时尚魅惑

Brand positioning: 20-35 years old urban intellectual women. Target consumer groups: mature, confident, independent, noble, generous fashion women Price: Spring Summer: 169-699 autumn and winter: 269-1999 taste edge of clothing for travel, friends, evening entertainment, work and life and other occasions, In bringing the world's fashion, it also brings a world-class quality and service. It aside from the high-priced approach adopted by internationally renowned brands, take a reasonable price, maintain a more intimate, more noble way.

品味缘女装 散发独一无二的时尚魅惑

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