STEVE & VIVIAN perfect combination of fashion and romance

STEVE & VIVIAN is a fashion brand from Italy. It is a high fashion brand created exclusively for elegant, stylish, romantic and mature urban women, primarily for urban women aged 25-38. Committed to creating urban women elegant and sexy, perfect combination of fashion and romantic temperament style.


STEVE & VIVIAN women have the absolute can not be imitated, exquisite workmanship and originality, the overall style of the continuation of the concept of European fashion style, elegant and comfortable style, the use of brilliant colors, interpretation of the personality of elegance, unrestrained, romantic, candid multiple temperament, filled with thick Romantic atmosphere and gorgeous luxury.


2007 STEVE & VIVIAN women's full access to the Chinese market, and invited the famous fashion influence Yao Chen as Asia Pacific spokesman. Perseverance to create new fashion for Chinese women.

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