What are the similar gems of amethyst?

There is not exactly the same material in nature, but their colors are very similar. Especially in the crystal family, there are many gemstones similar to it, and amethyst is one of them. So what are the similar gems in the gem world and amethyst? The following small series is simple to introduce to friends!


Because the color of amethyst is purple, there is very little purple in the gem world, so there are not many gemstones similar to amethyst. In addition to purple agate and purple fluorite and artificial amethyst, you want to find a gem similar to amethyst. Still difficult. However, there is no identical substance in nature, so even though they are similar in appearance to amethyst, they are essentially different in nature. If you look closely, you will find that there are many different places.

The color of amethyst is relatively pure. Any purple tone can be found in amethyst. If you look directly at the naked eye, you will find the presence of inclusions and ice cracks inside the amethyst. Although the color of purple agate is purple, it is not warm enough and has a feeling of gray tone. The presence of inclusions was not observed with the naked eye.

The main chemical component of amethyst is silica, which has a relatively high hardness. The main component of purple fluorite is calcium fluoride, which has a much lower hardness than amethyst. If you use a knife to draw two kinds of gems, then the purple fluorite will definitely leave traces.


The color of amethyst is very bright and colorful, the color distribution is not uniform enough, and we can see the presence of cotton wool and cracks inside the amethyst and impurities. Synthetic amethysts have a very uniform single color with no visible inclusions and they look very transparent.

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