How to pick a good bra

Su Rui underwear to tell you to do a woman "pretty" how to choose a good woman bra? This is also very important for a woman, it can not be a brand name, it can not sexy, but it must be healthy! How to pick a suitable Bra?


Pick bra first step: capacity. Select a bra, you have to know, if you are big enough, enough chest, then do not mean cup size, Yang out of the cup stuff around, is not looking good. Of course, if your chest is not qualified, then do not think of using a bra, so that your chest becomes larger, you do not want others to rub the chest when the chest subsidence it. Pick bra capacity is very important.

Pick bra second step: elastic including dimensions, and shoulder strap tightness. Summer can more easily see the importance of bra elastic, if you are the kind of fleshy girls, the best choice of the same size cup, no trace of the material better, otherwise it looks like, there is the feeling of sleepy meat dumplings.

Select bra The third step: up index Select the size is not enough, but also depends on whether this bra to enhance their role, if you want to make your chest more straightforward, career lines, deeper and longer, select some functionality Bra is also possible.

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