Gather bras as a good brand bra judging effect

Why do women wear underwear it? In the past may simply be for the sake of shame, but with the continuous development of fashion, based on the shame more is to create a more perfect curve, so more and more bra to the gathering function close, then gather bra Brand is good?


Many people find the more subconscious underwear more complex, thicker cup, the better its gathering function, in fact, this is not absolute. Simple style of underwear, as long as its cup, the size in line with the wearer's body, side, under the stability of such good, long time to wear the chest will not shift, to maintain a full state of the day, that is good underwear.

聚拢文胸哪个品牌好 如判断聚拢文胸的效果

Not only is it possible to squeeze deep cleavage is a good gathering bra, which also depends on your own chest development. Mano gauze gathered bra, more oriental female body characteristics, into the shape of soft bone, through the widening side, high ears ear, high chicken heart position and other multi-directional orientation gathered to create your satisfaction on the Wai curve.

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